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  A site of Alex Tsander, MBPsS, BSc (Hons) Psych, Cert Soc Sci

Some people who search the name “Alex Tsander” may think they have results from three or more people by the same name. Or else they may be confused by the range of results on view.

For sure, even though it is a distinctive name, there are others called “Alex Tsander”, particularly a notable shot-putter! Nonetheless, most of the results that appear are for me, one and only.

So why the broad range of results?


Long before becoming a hypnotist I wanted to have a career as an artist. Long after becoming a hypnotist I decided I would make myself a career as an artist! This explains a great many of the images that are associated with my name on the internet.

Along the way I also had a side career as a photographer. It actually segued quite well with the hypnotism: I was for a decade the resident photographer at a comedy club! This meant that I not only photographed the acts performing but shot portraits back-stage of some of the most successful figures on the British comedy scene, before they were so famous!


Which is why you will also find my name associated with images of the likes of Al Murray, Johnny Vegas and Alan Carr, on the internet and in print.