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The core road-show, I Can't Believe It's NOT “Hypnosis” is a self-contained package requiring no special facilities, just a bit of space and some chairs. But I can also work in conjunction with other acts or events in a variety of formats to suit all venues and occasions or themes.

I Can't Believe it's NOT “Hypnosis”

There is a serious point about that title, but the emphasis of the presentation is upon humour and entertainment.


The serious point is that, whereas other hypnotists pretend that they are wielding a quasi-paranormal force they call “hypnosis”, I openly declare that there is in fact no such thing: hypnotism works via normal psychological processes. It works, but science has long shown that there is no “state” of “hypnosis”.


Hypnotism involves the use of normal psychology to lead the volunteer on a journey of the imagination. It creates the illusion of “hypnosis” manifest in results that can be highly entertaining. The emphasis in the show is upon comedy. The absurdity of people reacting to daft situations, such routines as losing the number “Seven”, thinking the hypnotist is an “Invisible Man”, being “Bugged” by gnats and ants, ordering very odd drinks from the bar, having “X-Ray Specs”, etc. For adult audiences there may be an attack of the “Giant Condoms”, a “Man Gives Birth”, and several have “Missing Bits”. These are just a few of the very wide range of routines and effects that can be included, depending upon the volunteers.




Very importantly, the humour arises out of the volunteers' reactions. I do not make fun of anybody, regarding their personal traits, size, weight or any such cheap snipes. The volunteers are the bed-rock of the act and respected at all times. Once upon a time (in the early Nineties to be precise) “OTT” shows were in fashion. You may find photos of my show from those days. But for a very many years now the expectation has changed and so has the content of the show. There is no undressing involved or anything “explicit”.


In other situations, in conjunction with other events or acts, I adapt the show to fit a schedule, omitting some aspects but retaining others. This is worked out in advance with the organisers.




I bring my own PA system (these daays I ussually also bring a spare amplifier) and other equipment. I normally work with a roadie who helps me set up and pack away as well as shooting the video of the session. Customers order their own copies of this on DVD at the end.


For any more detail or further information do not hesitate to ask:

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